I am pursuing Bachelor of Engineering (Research and Development) (Honours) in Electronic and Communication Systems from School of Engineering, The Australian National University (ANU) and expect to graduate in Jul 2025.

My research interests are in the field of AI-driven information systems, IoT applications and nanotechnology. I am currently a member of NEMS (Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems) Lab under the supervision of Prof. Yuerui Lu.

Feel free to contact me via email: arthur.zhao@anu.edu.au.


  • 01/2024: I will continue my role as a tutor for School of Engineerinng, CECC, ANU (ENGN2218).
  • 11/2023: I am going to join NEMS Lab, ANU in 2024.
  • 11/2023: I started my internship at China Mobile (Nanjing Branch).


On The Way.

Honors & Awards

On The Way.


Teaching & Services


  • 11/2023 - 02/2024, Network Department Internship, China Mobile Group Jiangsu Co. LTD Nanjing Branch, Nanjing, China.

  • 02/2023 - 11/2023, Undergraduate Research Student, ANU-Optus Bushfire Research Centre of Excellence, Australian National Univerisity, Canberra, Australia.

  • 05/2023 - 07/2023, Summer Workshop, School of Computing, National University of Singapore, Singapore

    Track: Deep learning and robotics